Duct Cleaning Testimonials

From Yelp

As someone who suffers from indoor allergies, I have to be careful with pollen, dust, and mold, or else I launch into a huge sneezing fit. I could see the crud building up on the air conditioning coils every time that I changed the filter and knew that it was time to get someone in here to clean the whole air conditioning system.

I found the guys from Ductz through an online search, and had one of their reps come out to inspect the system. As expected he recommended a cleaning of the air conditioning coil, the blower fan, the ductwork and registers, and the entire clothes dryer vent system. I knew it wasn’t going to be cheap, especially after he showed me all of the crap that had been building up in the vents over the years.

The guys spent about two hours, vacuuming, scrubbing, and resealing the ductwork, and then washing all of the rust and crud off of the blower fan. Then finally they got up on a ladder and vacuumed out the length of the dryer vent from outside. I don’t wanna know how much junk they washed away, since the previous owner of this condo had two large sheep dogs who shed all over the place.

I can see an immediate improvement of both the efficiency of the air conditioning and the clothes dryer, so it was clearly worth the expense. Plus the long-term health benefits are a good thing.

These guys do an excellent job, and they’re very good about covering all of the furniture before they start on the job. They also vacuumed and cleaned up before they wrapped up my job. Excellent customer service!

From Facebook

Excellent service, workers and prices. I won’t work with another company again! I am extremely happy with how the service tech cleaned out my dryer vent duct last week, my dryer hasn’t worked that well ever. I had a roof shingle clogging it up and I had bought that dryer after my new roof was installed. Scheduling an appointment with my work schedule is tough but Mary was very flexible with me. And the cost was the lowest around, I called everywhere and this was the best pricing in the industry. I will be having my entire house done after the New Year. Thanks Ductz of Tampa Bay!

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